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Intelligent Grinding Technologies for the 21st Century

Daniel Ephraim
Tea & Coffee Trade Journal

As many coffee experts agree, the perfect cup of coffee requires the perfectly grinded batch of beans. Daniel Ephraim, president of Modern Process Equipment Corporation, discusses the new innovations and advances in grinding coffee.  (Copyright, MPE, 2005)

Achieving Turkish Coffee Perfection

Daniel Ephraim
Tea & Coffee Asia

Turkish coffee might not sound very appealing to today’s specialty gourmands drinking a frozen high octane cafe latte. Yet clearly, this type of coffee appeals to a wide segment of the world’s coffee drinking population. Some say it’s the earliest way of drinking coffee.  (Copyright, MPE, 2005)

MPE Featured in Wall Street Journal

Jeffrey Sparshott
Wall Street Journal

WASHINGTON—U.S. industrial output in November surpassed its prerecession peak for the first time, the latest sign of momentum for the economic recovery. Industrial production, which measures the output of U.S. manufacturers, utilities and mines, surged a seasonally adjusted 1.1% from the prior month, the Federal Reserve said Monday. That was the biggest jump in a year.

Roller Mill Grinders Advantages

In this current economic climate, companies are constantly searching for new processes, technologies and equipment to add value to their organisations and reduce costs. In this article by Scott Will, we will cover how roller mill grinders add value to many applications and reduce long-term processing costs. We also discuss recent technology improvements that further improve roller mill capabilities and efficiencies.  (Copyright, Grain & Feed Milling Technology, 2010)