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Espresso: The Toughest Grind to Properly Achieve

Daniel Ephraim
Tea & Coffee Trade Journal

The grind can make or break an espresso brew, and yet espresso grinds are one of the most difficult to achieve consistently. Utilizing the correct grinder can help ensure a quality brew.

Enter the Vortex

Global Coffee Review

When coffee capsule technology was first introduced in the United States, few could have anticipated the impressive impact those little pods would eventually have on the coffee industry.

Dan Ephraim, President of Modern Process Equipment (MPE), remembers when one of his clients first patented the technology over 15 years ago. With coffee pods (also known as soft pods or pads) – the predecessor to the capsule – never quite taking off in the United States, he says the commercial potential seemed limited in a market not accustomed to single-serve.

Modern Process: Getting the Grind Right for Millions

Kevin Sinnott and Lois Nelson
Tea & Coffee

It’s been 30 years since Dan and Phil Ephraim launched MPE, the global leader in the industrial coffee grinding industry.  But as the brothers stride through their state-of-the-art headquarters, they are quick to recall the rich heritage of their family-owned operation.  (Copyright, 2012)

Grinding Questions and Answers

Daniel Ephraim
Tea & Coffee Asia

Being able to offer freshly ground coffee requires more than simply placing the correct dose into a grinder and pressing the “on” button.  
(Copyright, 2011)