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Pistachio Conveyor

Pistachios are consumed for a variety of products, from whole Pistachios to pistachio flour. MPE engineers have worked with pistachios with bulk densities around 32 lb/ft3. As with all applications for conveying or process system design, MPE can test your application to develop custom solutions for you.

Pistachio Bulk Densities
Bulk Product lb/ft3 g/cm3
Pistachios, Dry Roasted 32 0.51
Pistachios, Raw 32 0.51
Pistachio Kernals 32 0.51

Pistachio Conveyance

Whole almonds all the way to almond flour can be challenging applications for some conveyors. MPE created the Chain-Vey to gently handle many of the most fragile and heavy applications that—before Chain-Vey—left almond processors with limited options. Chain-Vey offers a tubular, dust-tight drag conveyor design built with an unbreakable chain and robust array of options tailored to each customer's needs.

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High Capacities with Near-Zero Breakage

Chain-Vey has become one of the most sought pistachio conveyors for because of its near-zero product breakage, easy cleaning, industry-leading reliability, and quiet, efficient operation.