Petfood Forum 2023

BY Edmund Sinnott | March 27, 2023 | Tradeshows , Chain-Vey

Join the MPE team at the 2023 Petfood Forum in Kansas City, MO and learn how Chain-Vey tubular drag conveyor is the most gentle and efficient transportation for your pet product and ingredient conveying needs.

Chain-Vey’s flexible design and compact footprint is sure to fit virtually any configuration. Additionally, with an enclosed, dust-tight design, you can be confident your product is protected from the surrounding environment. Chain-Vey is ideal for the transport of raw ingredients, grains, dried/frozen fruits and vegetables, vitamins/minerals, powders and whole kibble to name a few.

Chain-Vey is the most energy efficient operation compared to other conveyor systems and offers low maintenance operations.

The MPE Chain-Vey also features a variety of Clean-In-Place [CIP] capabilities sure to fit your sanitary requirement needs.

Better pet food products require a better conveying solution.

May 1-3, 2023
Kansas City, MO

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