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Peanut Processing Equipment & Conveyors

Peanuts are consumed for a variety of products, from shelled and unshelled whole peanuts to peanut flour. Many in the peanut industry look to MPE for highly efficient, high-capacity peanut processing equipment and conveyors. MPE engineers have worked with peanuts ranging in bulk density from 21 to 43 lb/ft3. As with all applications for conveying or process system design, MPE can test your peanut product to develop custom solutions for you.

Common Bulk Densities for Peanut Processors
Bulk Product lb/ft3 g/cm3
Peanut Brittle 36 0.58
Peanut Meal 28 0.45
Peanuts (Shelled) 43 0.69
Peanuts (Unshelled) 21 0.34

Peanut Conveyance

Whole in-shell peanuts all the way to peanut flour, Chain-Vey is the perfect conveyor to gently handle quality peanuts. Chain-Vey offers a tubular, dust-tight drag conveyor design built with an unbreakable chain and robust array of Clean-In-Place options tailored to each customer's needs. Chain-Vey is the ideal transport solution for your product between all peanut processing equipment.

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High Capacities and High Efficiency

MPE's peanut processing equipment and designs deliver on efficiency and scalability. As your business grows, our systems can meet your needs in terms of reliability, low maintenance, and protecting product integrity.

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"We're getting near-zero breakage."

Sam Mirto, Ferris Coffee & Nuts

Peanut System Equipment and Design

Some customers need unique systems that MPE can get done right the first time. From unloading, to cleaning, to shelling, to blanching, to packaging—from peanut processing equipment upgrades all the way to greenfield peanut process systems—MPE is your partner is created the best custom solutions in the world.

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Product Testing at MPE

Send us samples of your application for conveyance testing in our lab. Get accurate results on the low breakage conveyance capabilities of MPE processing equipment and designs.

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