Mega 8″ Moves Starch for Large Flour Operation

BY Edmund Sinnott | July 12, 2022 | Chain-Vey

A large milling operation in Australia specializing in wheat starch and gluten production reached out to MPE about new conveyors for their operations. The customer operates some of the largest milling facilities in the world. Their diversified line of products, for both wholesale and consumer, rely on Chain-Vey for energy-efficient, reliable, non-segregating, non-sifting, and quiet transport.

The customer’s plant moves large quantities of starch, with a bulk density around 48 lb/ft3 in a cationic starch drying process. Dilute phase pneumatics and screw conveyors were considered for this project, but plant managers wanted to avoid them for several reasons. Dilute phase pneumatics are loud and use a lot of energy, which didn’t fit with the customer’s lean operation initiatives and desire to decrease energy costs. Dilute phase pneumatics could also lead to segregation with smaller, lighter particles traveling faster than larger, heavier ones. Screw conveyors, while more energy efficient than pneumatics, were liable to leak flours onto the floor and are limited in both distance and flexibility in bending around existing infrastructure.

Plant managers wanted the benefits of Chain-Vey tubular drag conveyors, which are ideal conveyors for flour, grains, nuts, foods, and more. Some of the benefits include an enclosed tubular design that use gentle UHMW discs on ultra-strong (read: reliable) chain to move product. Chain-Vey conveyors are quiet and use one-fifth the energy of pneumatic conveyors to move the same amount of product. Also, Chain-Vey conveyors are completely dust-tight and offer a high level of layout flexibility. Chain-Vey engineers took the customer’s layout and designed a layout of (9) Chain-Veys:

  • (5) 6-in diameter conveyors
  • (2) 5-in diameter conveyors
  • (2) 8-in diameter conveyors

Mega 8″ Delivers

The Mega 8″ (203 mm) diameter Chain-Vey is MPE’s high-volume tubular drag conveyor for up to 2,000 ft3/hr (610 m3/hr) of gentle product transport. Chain-Vey’s ultra-strong chain with a tensile strength in excess of 40,000 lb (18,144 kg) allows for longer distances, no special in-feed equipment requirement, and full load stopping and starting, which cannot always be done with equivalent diameter cable tubular drag conveyors. Chain-Vey’s Mega 8″ can also be combined with the Dual-Drive technology, which allows ultra-long runs in excess of 1,000 ft (304 m).

Two Mega 8″ Chain-Veys:

Conveyor 1

  • This conveyor comprises three inlets and a single discharge point. It is entirely indoors, carrying starch nearly 40 ft (12 m) vertical.
  • 158 ft (48 m) circuit length.
  • Tier 1 CIP turnaround with disc knocker reduces sticky starch on chain and discs.
  • Pneumatic tensioner allows for consistent tension during both empty and full-capacity conveyance.
  • This conveyor discharges into the next Mega 8″ Conveyor 2

Conveyor 2

  • This conveyor is partially outside, carrying product from inside, to outside, and then back inside. Running outside a feature of Chain-Vey that assures an enclosed protection the product.
  • The conveyor’s circuit length is 211 ft (64 m) with a single inlet and single discharge point.
  • Tier 1 CIP turnaround with disc knocker reduces sticky starch on chain and discs.
  • Pneumatic tensioner allows for consistent tension during both empty and full-capacity conveyance.

The 7 Other Chain-Veys in Operation


  • 6-in diameter conveyor
  • 131 ft (40 m) circuit length
  • 45 ft vertical


  • 6-in diameter conveyor
  • 104 ft (32 m) circuit length


  • 5-in diameter conveyor
  • 96 ft (29 m) circuit length


  • 5-in diameter conveyor
  • 109 ft (33 m) circuit length


  • 6-in diameter conveyor
  • 96 ft (29 m) circuit length


  • 6-in diameter conveyor
  • 96 ft (29m) circuit length


  • 6-in diameter conveyor
  • 115 ft (35 m) circuit length


The customer’s installation of their (2) Mega 8″ conveyors was easy and quick like the 6-in and 5-in diameter Chain-Veys. All systems in the operation have proven to be reliable and meet all expectations.

To learn more about all of Chain-Vey’s capabilities, reach out to [email protected] or +1-773-254-3929.

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