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Disc Size: 7.1 Inches
Grind Range: 1/8" - 150 Mesh
Target Grind Size: 4 - 325 Mesh


Up to 450 Kg/hr, depending on density and final grind size



Product Description

MPE Disc-Style Grinders provides a high degree of versatility in the size reduction of a broad spectrum of materials. These compact, economical grinders serve a variety of grinding applications, including chemicals, dry foods, food aggregates, minerals, spices and a wide assortment of similar materials.

Ruggedly-constructed, MPE’s Disc-Style Grinders feature “diamond hard” grinding discs that are precision cut to optimize their cutting “action”, resulting in a better end product with an increased production capability. This “action” produces results superior to a hammermill at a fraction of the price. The disc grinders work best on “friable” or breakable materials and adjust to deliver target sizes from 6 - 150 mesh (3,000 - 100 microns).

The GP-140 uses two 7.8” diameter (180 mm) grinding discs to reduce materials from up to 6” diameter (with the optional LumpBuster) down to a range of target sizes. The GP-140 utilizes a convenient dial control to alter the desired grind size and typical target grinds range from 6 - 150 mesh (3,000 - 100 microns).

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