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Chain Drag Conveyor Capacities

We offer several diameters of drag conveyor design for varying capacities.

You can figure out which drag conveyor capacity is right for you using a function of your product's bulk density and your desired rate of conveyance.

Let's say you want to convey 50,000 lb/hr of cornmeal which has a bulk density of 40 lb/ft3.
You divide 50,000 lb/hr by 40 lb/ft3 which equals 1,250 ft3/hr.
Since you want a conveyor that can move at least 1,250 ft3/hr of cornmeal, that puts you comfortably within a 6" diameter chain drag conveyor system.

Or you can reverse the function:

Let's say you want to know the maximum amount of cornmeal you can convey with a single 6" diameter system.
You take cornmeal's density of 40 lb/ft3 and multiply by 1,400 ft3/hr which equals 56,000 lb/hr.
This means you could move 56,000 lb/hr of cornmeal in a 6" diameter chain drag conveyor system.

Chain-Vey capacities graph

Up to 280 ft3/hr (or 8 m3/hr)

3″ diameter chain drag conveyor design is great for malted barley. It is the popular choice for seeds and crumbs as well.

Up to 650 ft3/hr (or 18 m3/hr)

4" diameter chain drag conveyor design is a great fit for green and whole bean roasted coffee, oats, pecans and almonds.

Up to 1,000 ft3/hr (or 28 m3/hr)

5" diameter chain drag conveyor design is great for moving pet food, breakfast cereal, peanuts, whole walnuts and cashews.

Up to 1,400 ft3/hr (or 40 m3/hr)

6" diameter chain drag conveyor design is great for any application in scaled process systems like ground coffee or bulk powder.