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Tubular Disc Conveyor Applications

Tube disc conveyor systems from Chain-Vey® are used by many of the largest and most trusted brands in the world.

Our tube disc conveyor systems have the power to gently move nearly any material and safely transport foods, chemicals, minerals and more without altering the integrity the product.

Key benefits of MPE's Chain-Vey tube disc conveyor:

  • Move product any direction—higher and farther than alternative disc conveyor systems.
  • Multiple inlets and discharges on a single disc conveyor.
  • Need and air-, water-, dust-tight design? No problem.
  • Stress-free, completely free sanitary CIP options.
  • Won't break, separate, or degrade your product.

Robust And Gentle

Chain-Vey disc conveyor systems are built to transport your product without breakage or degradation. Food grade, low-friction pucks with hardened alloy or stainless steel chains gently move your product throughout your process system.

From powders to pellets, your products are protected from deterioration.



Chain-Veys tube disc conveyors are self-cleaning and allow users to confidently switch between products without cross-contamination. We offer several Clean-in-Place options to keep your system spotless ranging from dry, hybrid, to full wet wash automated cleaning.

Some CIP options are even available as a complete system upgrade or part of a retrofit.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Chain-Vey compare to other tube conveyors?

While many tube disc conveyors offer similar benefits with regard to providing a fully enclosed and gentle conveyance solution, what sets the Chain-Vey apart is its robust and sanitary design. With conveyance being a non-value add process, MPE has made a point to design the most reliable tube conveyor on the market requiring nearly zero maintenance while still maintaining product integrity. In fact, Chan-Vey is so gentle that we have been able to achieve less than 0.75% breakage on nearly all products. Take fragile (and expensive) pistachios for example whose breakage rates were nearly zero. Furthermore our robust design permits greater design flexibility in regards to maximum circuit length, verticals, and number of changes in direction without concern for chain stretching, fraying, or snapping as experienced by cable systems first hand. Overall MPE’s Chain-Vey tube disc conveyors have an extremely low cost of operation and can streamline your process without worry. Read a thorough comparison of Chain-Vey to bucket, screw, and pneumatic conveyance here.

My application is abrasive/sticky/oily/hot. Can Chain-Vey transport it?

Over our years serving the conveyance industry, MPE has developed a wide range of standard and custom design options which excel at conveying some of the most difficult product applications. From ceramic coated elbows and proprietary puck designs to a wide range of clean-out options, an ideal Chain-Vey system can be built for your application. If you're not sure, just ask one of our sales engineers if we can move it. He or she will gladly answer your question and likely custom tailor a solution which meets your needs.

Will I get cross contamination with Chain-Vey?

No, Chain-Vey’s standard self-cleaning and CIP design options will prevent cross-contamination completely. This allows users to convey multiple products in the same system with nearly zero operator interface during changeovers. Chain-Veys are perfect for co-packaging and ingredient batching operations where users can move between a wide range of products with strong flavor, color, or pathogen profiles. All Chain-Vey have built in wiper discs that always clean the conveyor as it moves. It never stops cleaning. Additionally, we offer numerous dry, hybrid, and wet CIP options for oily/sticky/sanitation sensitive applications.