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Sanitary Conveying Solution

Chain-Vey’s customized Clean-In-Place System is flexible, stress-free, and automated sanitary conveying solution. The CIP cart, in conjunction with the CIP turnaround and drive units, provides a selection of customizable high pressure water, foam, or flooded-system cleanings.

After rinsing, the cart pumps warm, dry air throughout the system to dry the entire Chain-Vey for quick resumption of operation. The cart can then be quickly detached and wheeled to other Chain-Veys for staggered cleanings as part of routine operations.

With foam cleaning, a cleaning that might otherwise consume hundreds of gallons of heated water for a fully flooded cycle can be done with a fraction of water and energy—while exceeding all sanitation specifications.

Flavorings, allergens, sanitation-sensitive products, pharmaceutical, and high purity applications are well answered by the Chain-Vey’s robust CIP system. Passes all swab tests; ATP, Aerobic Plate Count, Coliform, Bi-Luminous.

Advantages of Chain-Vey CIP Sanitary Conveyors
  • Water-tight flanged construction with automated cleaning system eliminates manual cleaning methods
  • Reduces system downtime required for cleaning by 75% compared to non-CIP methods
  • Unlike comparable pneumatic systems, CIP systems do not require disassembly for cleaning
  • Customizable control system for your application and supervisory system
  • Process tracking, such as water temperature and detergent concentration
  • Tested and proven to pass all swab testing, including aerobic plate count, coliform and bi-luminous
  • Quick changeover between difficult-to-clean products