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IMD 700 Series

Model IMD 700 Series Coffee Granulizer
* IMD 79 - Two (2) grinding sections, ideal for filter applications
* IMD 779 - Three (3) grinding sections, ideal for espresso/capsule applications


The IMD 700 Series Granulizer is one of MPE’s most technically advanced coffee grinders, producing between 800 and 2,200 kg/hr. of ground coffee, depending upon the application, to the highest tolerances and most exact specifications.  A central element of the IMD 700 is the recipe-driven PLC control system, which monitors and controls all aspects of the grind size and density control with “Real-Time” performance feedback.  Features include water-cooling, real-time density control and optional bimodal grinding.


* Variable Speed Rotary Power Feeder
* Independent Motor Drives (IMD) for each grinding section
* Integrated Normalizer with Density Control and Chaff Reduction
* Water-Cooled Rolls and Normalizer
* Automated Control System with Precision Grind Size and Density Control
* Dust-Tight Construction
* Oversized Doors for easy cleaning
* High Hardness Rolls for maximum roll longevity

Available Options

* Integrated Magnet and Pneumatic Slide Gate
* Stainless Steel or Electroless Nickel Construction
* Extreme Hardness Roll Coatings
* Gas-Tight or Hermetically-Sealed Design
* Closed-Loop Water Chiller
* Internal Vibrators to eliminate internal coffee accumulation
* Intelligent “Real Time” Density Control System


  • Applications

    Espresso/capsule (200 - 450 um): Up to 2,500 lbs/hr. (1,100 kg/hr.)
    Filter (500 - 1,000 um): Up to 5,000 lbs/hr. (2,200 kg/hr.)

  • Capacity
    Up to 5,000 lbs/hr. (2,200 kg/hr.)
  • Sections
    2 or 3


IMD 700 Series
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