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Model SRM-4555 Roller-Style Coffee Grinder


The SRM-4555 is the world’s smallest roller-style coffee grinder, producing up to 600 lbs/hr. of ground coffee with an extremely uniform particle size.  Utilizing the same technology as large “industrial” coffee grinders, the SRM-4555 produces grinds superior in quality to those attainable on disc-style grinders, resulting in a cool, uniform grind for optimal brew performance.


* All grinds are quickly and easily attainable with the unique “knob” grind adjustment mechanism (which can be regulated during operation)
* Hopper Slide Gate to both shut-off and control the coffee bean supply
* “Safety Switches”
* Precision-cut Rollers (two pairs) for gentle coffee reduction to the exact grind
* Adjustable Densification/Dechaffing Chamber to control coffee density and eliminate “chaff”

Available Options

* Alternative Hopper sizes


  • Applications

    Filter (500 - 1,000 um): Up to 600 lbs/hr. (275 kg/hr.)

  • Capacity
    Up to 600 lbs/hr. (275 kg/hr.)


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