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Model GPX.WCI (Water-Cooling Integrated) Precision Disc-Style Coffee Grinder


The Model GPX.WCI is the ultimate disc-style coffee grinder. Not only does this model deliver superior grind quality for optimal brew performance, but it also keeps coffee 75% cooler than traditional disc-style grinders. Therefore, coffee volatiles and aroma are preserved and the true quality of one’s coffee can be fully experienced.


* Self-contained Water-cooling system
* Designed for fast and easy clean-out
* Simple maintenance and operation
* Specially-engineered Discs for optimal grind uniformity and minimal heat
* Sharp Teeth and Ultra-hard Metal Alloys for performance and disc longevity
* 8 lb. Hopper (Carbon Steel)
* Bag Holder Tray

Available Options

* Alternative Hopper sizes and construction (Stainless Steel)
* Large Tote Container for ground product collection
* Hopper Grate Magnet
* Economical Disc Re-sharpening


  • Applications

    Ultrafine (50 – 125 um): Up to 110 lbs/hr. (50 kg/hr.)
    Espresso (200 – 450 um): Up to 220 lbs/hr. (100 kg/hr.)
    Filter (500 – 1,000 um): Up to 500 lbs/hr. (225 kg/hr.)

  • Capacity
    Up to 500 lbs/hr. (225 kg/hr.)


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