Particle reduction data for industrial applications, additional particle size distribution information available upon request.

The MPE Coffee Grinder is ideal for achieving a wide range of coffee grinds, from coarse to fine grinds. The unique, roller-style coffee grinder achieves a narrow particle size distribution and a high degree of granular uniformity.  MPE grinders also offer size flexibility without screen change-outs.  The grinding rolls simply adjust on the fly in a matter of seconds to achieve the full spectrum of coffee grind sizes.

The MPE coffee grinding method is a low impact method and generates up to 75% fewer fines than attrition mill or hammermill grinding methods.  This low impact grinding also generates little temperature elevation, which allows for the production of fine particles down to 50 microns.  Temperature elevations are further minimized with the introduction of water-cooling at various temperature levels.

Each Granulizer adjusts to meet a range of grind sizes, coarse to fine, and several models are available for various capacity requirements from 200 to 10,000 lbs/hr. (100 to 5,000 kg/hr.) or more. 

Standard Features:

  • Self-cleaning roll corrugations
  • Infinite grind adjustment – Coarse to fine
  • Variable speed power feeder
  • Quiet, clean drive belt configuration
  • Oversized access doors for easy cleaning
  • Independent Motor Drives (IMD)

Optional Features:

  • Water-cooled rolls
  • Gas-tight design/inert gas grinding chamber
  • Non-corrosive materials of construction
  • Stainless steel construction
  • PLC control systems
  • Recipe control systems and supervisory system integration
  • Vibratory product deflectors to keep material flowing properly without internal buildup
  • Automated grind size and density measurement systems
  • Ultra hard roll materials and roll coatings for extreme wear resistance

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