Classification and Sorting

We are experts in many different technologies necessary to engineer great process systems.

Our decades long expertise has given us the competitive edge in designing process systems and grinders for a wide range of food, chemical and mineral applications. Our value lies in providing tFrom unloading to classification, conveying and filling, mixing and weighing, we can build a system centered on you and your application. MPE is also largely equipment neutral and not limited to specific suppliers. We will work with you to engineer a custom system that has the best equipment choices for you—not anyone else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MPE able to engineer a custom grinding solution for me?

100% yes. This is in fact one of MPE’s wheelhouses of unmatched expertise. No one else in the world has the same capability and engineering know-how when designing and building a custom precision particle size reduction machine. Furthermore, when integrating particle size reduction equipment into a process system, MPE has the process engineering know-how and controls expertise to integrate all the systems necessary for a seamless and automated system.

How do I know if MPE understands my application and processing needs?

MPE prides itself on doing testing to validate all areas of your process design. MPE has an enormous testing lab located at our Chicago, USA headquarters where we can validate all particle size reduction scenarios with exacting measurements.